Too Fast Films

Since starting out in 2007 we have worked damn hard on building our own YouTube channel. 600+ videos later and we are now able to say that our channel (999lazer) is Europe’s largest dedicated motocross YouTube channel with over 22 MILLION views and 30,000 subscribers!

This has provided us with a great platform on which to share our hard work and has enabled us to produce a number of our own films and projects, dubbed ‘Toofast Films’. We are continuously creating different ideas and concepts, coming up with whacky visions and thinking about the next way we can break the mould and be as innovative as possible. At times our visions far surpass our budgetary restraints and we are always on the lookout for potential partners and sponsors to help us transform these dreams into realities. If you share our enthusiasm for creative and unique video concepts than please do get in touch and we’ll find a way to incorporate you brand or product or whatever it may be into our next dream…

The Enemy

Featuring two of the UK’s top Motocross riders, Ben and Nathan Watson. “The Enemy” was born after we heard the title song from up and coming British band ‘The Commonjets.’ After seeking permission from the band to use the song the film was written and directed by Max Hind and the rest is history.

The Awakening

After discovering this song Max realised it would provide a great sound track for a film focussing on an athlete who was making a come back from injury. With a slow introduction and insane ending this film ticks all the boxes. Featuring James Dunn on his Hitachi KTM at Max Anstie’s private compound.

Motocross Lose Yourself

After filming and editing “The Awakening” we decided to make use of some of the clips on the cutting room floor. These shots together with Eminem’s ‘Loose Yourself’ mix to create a kick ass motocross video.

The Prodigies

One of our first “Toofast Films” shot back in 2012. The name says it all. Matt Moffatt and Ben and Nathan Watson have all gone on to achieve great things in the world of off road motorcycling.

My Way

Adam Sterry is one of our brightest young stars. Filmed at Adam’s Local track, Preston Docks this is a four minute extravaganza with Adam showing us how he does it “his way”.

The Animal

A film featuring one of the best young riders we have in the UK, Lewis Hall. Lewis is one to watch in the future and quite possibly the best young sand rider in the country. You will see why he is nick named ‘the animal’ when you watch this film.


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